My name is Allison Koch, I am 18 years old, and I rode my bike across the country, from Canada to Mexico, to fight against America’s number one killer—heart disease. I did it to raise money for the American Heart Association, with ACLS Medical Institution and emphasize the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy heart.


Heart disease takes the lives of nearly 2,300 Americans each day.

It is the number 1 killer of both men and women.

In women, it is responsible for 37% of deaths, nearly as high as the next five leading causes of death combined.

YOU can reduce your risk—exercise and live healthy. It is simple.

For more information, please visit the American Heart Association’s page


I began riding across the country on May 30, 2011 in International Falls, Minnesota. 27 days and 2200 miles later, on June 25, I concluded my journey in Brownsville, Texas. I also competed in two triathlons along the route: the Pigman Sprint Triathlon in Palo, Iowa on June 5, and the IRP Mansfield Sprint Triathlon in Mansfield, Texas on June 19. For detailed daily reports, visit my blog


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Hampton Inn, Hillsboro, TX

So what’s next? A lot of people have spoken of this ride as “the adventure of a lifetime.” I have been thinking a lot about this lately, and I would disagree. Even though I finished a long journey, there is no stopping the need to do something big for others. I expect to have many more lifetime adventures. People have also asked if I will do Powered by the Heart again. I enjoyed this trek immensely, but right now, I want to do something different in the future.

I did not meet my goal of $10,000, but the website will be running for a while longer, and I will still be accepting donations. Even though the financial goal has not been met, it is my hope that this bike ride across America helps people make the necessary changes to live healthier lives. Ultimately, heart disease should not be the nation’s most extensive cause of death. We can do our part, we can make smart choices, and we can help prevent the spread of heart disease. Thank you for following this journey and I hope that you have personally made the choice to live a healthy lifestyle.


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Powered by the Heart

Updated July 6, 2011